A Carpet of Gold

What you see here is a sea of gold thanks to the beautiful Ginkgo tree. The Ginkgo is a very unique tree and it has been said to have the most synchronized leaf drop of any tree and I have witnessed this myself many times were the tree is completely golden one day and the next day all the leaves are on the ground. This tree was at Linden Hall in Lititz,Pa and I literally shot the tree in complete foliage on a Friday and it looked like this on Saturday. I literally got them at their best color long before any fading could occur. I will have a couple angles from this location this week. Unfortunately one thing I could do nothing about was the banner tied to the pillars. The light shining toward the camera was from a street light that I hid with a pillar.

6 responses to “A Carpet of Gold

  1. This is really good Don. I was at the Garden of the Five senses last week and after a frost all the Ginkgo leaves fell carpeting the benches and the path. But the strange thing was every one was sill bright green. I guess they planned on living for a little longer.

    • I saw that same thing on the internet. I think it was from getting hit with frost before they turned yellow? I saw somewhere there are neighborhoods around Washington that are filled with Ginkgo trees. saw some neat photos.

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