The Road Home

Another infrared image. I actually had a set that was visually better but every one was out of focus. Infrared focuses on a different wavelength and occasionally I miss some shots because of this.

2 responses to “The Road Home

    • thanks Don, I wish I had a better infrared camera than the d200 but I rarely carry it anyway and the raw files from it are useless because they can’t be adjusted like jpgs,which is weird. you never know if a scene will be great or a flop but its still fun. I still remember using infrared film and sometimes infrared would leak in the back and put marks on the film from the pressure plate. I always thought film had the best results but it was a nightmare to load and unload in the field. I have a pricey 77mm filter you could get your feet wet with, but be warned you need a tripod because it is very dark. my camera conversion allows you to hand hold which is nice. come to think of it I have a d70 converted you could try as well. let me know if that interests you.

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