A Real Hot Head

I spotted this crew working on potting fall mums and they were quite productive I might add. After a little break was called, the guy kneeling on the right grabbed a pot and stuck it on his head, which brought a mixed bag of expressions. I pass this place every fall and they have row upon row of mums in every color yet I can hardly believe they get started this early but summers moving right along. Yes it was approaching 90 degrees this day so a black plastic pot would make you a hothead or even a pothead now that I think about it.

4 responses to “A Real Hot Head

    • Brings back memories as a kid sleeping in sweltering heat and humidity with no air conditioning. If you were real lucky, you got a window fan to blow hot air on you all night long.

  1. Is that the same little boy with the worn out straw hat? 🙂 I love these candid shots!! Thank you!
    I admire them…I’m spoiled with AC.

    • same location but not sure if its the same kid or not. the two pictures were on opposite sides of the house but its quite plausible because they were getting near the end of potting. I had the car window down to shoot but air conditioning was on full blast that day!

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