Hold Fast to Hope

A large Cross juts skyward in this infrared cemetery scene. I find myself almost pre-occupied with thinking about the missing local Amish girl and how she can be found. everyone is praying and hoping she is found safe.

4 responses to “Hold Fast to Hope

  1. Jesus is our hope and strong tower. We have experienced it.
    I cannot imagine the agony of her family and what evil she experienced….

    • Thats for sure. its almost a double whammy, alive or deceased?, found,not found. The crazy thing I said to my wife was, up until a year or two ago, I was out photographing Amish country almost every weekend and this location is just one of many areas I would drive. I have actually been looking in my archives to see if I ever took her picture, but no one looks like her, or I might have something from 10 years ago and she may look totally different in the photo,plus I have a lot taken from the back,so no way to recognize?

  2. I keep hoping when I see your posts that there will be some good news about her.
    It’s horrible to think what she was experiencing and feeling. My heart aches for her and her family!!

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