Silence is Golden

This covered bridge is framed nicely by the fence and yellow leaves and  a light fog in the air added to the peaceful scene. That was until a car came from the other side, stopped inside the bridge in the middle and began cranking out some music?  This lasted a good five minutes, then the horn honked a few times and out the driver came, all by himself?  I know the horn honking is an old tradition but why the music first will remain a mystery I guess. Maybe it was remembering an old flame that made the trip with you years ago?

7 responses to “Silence is Golden

  1. Hmm why did the driver of the car do that? Is there some tradition or superstition that this must be done whilst driving through the bridge? Otherwise the din was a dent indeed on peace and serenity of the scenery you photographed.

  2. THIS
    is perfection !!
    And it really would make a beautiful card or calendar!
    I enjoy fine photography so much!
    Thanks Good eye!

    • Well then you seem to be at the right spot to see it! If it were not for my medicine, I would be even more active. I remember the excitement that would run through me at some of the scenes I captured, but now not to that level.

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