The Wedding Venue

First let me say I hate weddings and have been whining about my weekend being messed up for a few days now. Today was the Wedding which was held at this wonderful property and on a whim I took my camera along. after the wedding ceremony, we were told it would be two hours till we ate. I decided to grab my gear and roam the property and this lovely scene is what I settled on

12 responses to “The Wedding Venue

  1. Haven’t gone to one in years…haven’t been invited to one in years either. Guess I don’t mind them as long as dress is less than formal…no ties required. And if they come with an opportunity like this all the better.

  2. Hi Don Is this the Boxwood B & B in Akron? Great shot. Brings back many memories I have from visiting this house when the Smiths lived there back in the 50s. Larry

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