Gnometastic Cookies

I have been out shooting Christmas scenes this month but unfortunately I have been experiencing episodes of being depressed, which rears its ugly head this time of year in particular and due to that, I have not bothered to share anything. So before we are into spring, I felt I would get them on here.

This store window is in a nearby town and the gnomes caught my eye. The store is owned by Laura the Cookie Lady who won food networks Christmas Cookie Challenge last year along with the ten thousand dollar prize. She does amazing things and her tasty decorative creations sell out quickly. Check out her work at

9 responses to “Gnometastic Cookies

  1. I am so sorry to hear about your struggles with depression. Please be assured that your work has brought joy and meaning to so many people. May the Lord bless you and keep you.

  2. Hey Donald, I know I don’t know you, and have only just started following your blog at the suggestion of a local friend, but I appreciate the images and info you share, and wanted you to know that you are not alone with being depressed right now. For a variety of reasons, I too find the holidays depressing, and the circumstances right now with this pandemic have made this year so much worse. I guess I just want to try to encourage you. Hang in there. Things will start looking up again soon. Photography is my passion-and outlet. I love being immersed in creating images and forgetting about all the struggles of the moment. Keep shooting. Keep hoping. And keep believing it will get better. Praying God would you fill you with hope and His peace.

    take care, Val

    P.S. I really love this gnome window shot:)


    • Thanks Val, your friend must be a very wise individual! I have been pretty open about my struggles because there really is not much sense hiding it. I used to be very angry all the time and had no idea why? My medicine has helped with the anger and negative thinking but it also killed my enthusiasm. Most frustrating for me is how it comes out of nowhere and I can only try to stay on top of it till it goes. A while back a year or so ago I was bombarded with self destructive thoughts almost every couple days to the point I was running possible scenarios through my mind and that was very scary. I am a very solitary type thanks to being an only child, so this Covid deal and things being shut down doesn’t really phase me because I am not the party type. I appreciate your message and I too find great satisfaction in creating images that are uniquely mine and that allow people to see things they never even notice. Hope you get some great images in the coming year!

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