A Ray of Sunshine

I think each version has its own merits but I am leaning toward the black and white version?  This was a very foggy morning and I knew there was a horse off in the distance that I hoped would come to the fence. He eventually did but never gave me a full profile and I was sure two more steps forward and I would have nailed it, but of course he turned his head down and to the right as he moved so this was the best I could get. The rays were even more distinct than they appear here and they were going out in all directions.

13 responses to “A Ray of Sunshine

  1. Both photos are a delight, but I prefer the color photo. It gives the light rays a mystical quality. Another marvelous photo from a gifted photographer.


  2. I love the color version best. It’s sunnier. I think you got a very good profile of the horse. Thanks for all the work you put into each picture.

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