The Extremes of Beauty

This was taken on a recent frosty morning and what caught my eye initially from a mile or so away was the way the smoke was rising to a certain height and then no farther? I thought there must be some sort of temperature deviation that was locking it in at a certain elevation but who knows. As I reached this spot and glanced over to see the subdued sun through the smoke, I pulled over and hit the ground running before the moment disappeared! I kept snapping various angles as things would fade into the mist and then reappear. I hope to post a couple other views coming up, but I can tell you this image is one I love the way everything came together.

20 responses to “The Extremes of Beauty

  1. That morning light is just beautiful and I can imagine the warmth of that glowing kitchen. šŸ™‚
    Another blue ribbon for sure! Even the SN print looks dull compared to this.!

    • I remember where the vast majority were taken because they are etched in my mind! If you are hoping to capture something similar, forget it because this spot is not usually what one thinks of as a photogenic location! This was a very unique morning where all the planets aligned and I was lucky enough to be driving by to see the potential developing. It is on Akron road and it is a produce stand at the top of the hill where you can see Akron park in the distance. I actually have two images from this spot that I shot last week looking the opposite direction[west} that will be posted in the next couple days. hope that helps!

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