It All Came Together!

I came across this farm scene after our last heavy snow and took a few handheld shots before I noticed the Amish farmer watching me from a small shed off camera. What made me notice him was every time I fired off a series of 5 shots, I would immediately notice a whistling sound that mimicked my shutter firing. I figured it was his way of showing me was not happy. After about ten minutes I notice him heading my way so I simply packed up and off I went. Then this evening I decided to see what sunset was like at this farm, so I pulled off the road and set up and again I see the farmer heading out.

Well it was starting to get better by the minute and I decided I was getting the shot with his approval or not. As he approaches he says “nice Jeep” and proceeds to have a nice conversation with me which was great. I told him I will give him a print, which brought a smile to his face. The long curving round things are plastic wrapped hay or grain for farm animals and normally I hate them, but with a coating of snow and their graceful leading lines, I found the whole scene rather appealing, especially with the beautiful sunset I was blessed to get.

15 responses to “It All Came Together!

  1. Nice work Don! I recently got called an ignorant SOB while trying to shoot a horse, and it wasn’t even his horse! So I think now its better to say hello and ask permission if possible.

    • I go by the phrase its better to ask forgiveness than permission. if I had asked half the people in my shots, they would have said no way. an SOB is one thing but an ignorant SOB is uncalled for. glad to know others run into that stuff.

  2. The photo is breathtaking as is the friendship you made with the Amish man.

    Your soul is as beautiful as your photos.

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