An Opportunity Missed

I was out looking for snow related photos when I started driving down a local back road when I came around a bend in the road and a horse and buggy was getting ready to pull onto the road from a farm lane. I would say I am ready to shoot 90 percent of the time with shutter speed and aperture already set for the light but this was one time I came up short. You see I stopped on the road about 50 yards before the buggy and waved to let him know he was good to pull out. As he gave the reigns a pull, the horse went straight up in the air on his back legs and it looked like the Lone Ranger’s horse Silver. It was a perfect side silhouette of the horse and buggy and to make matters worse the horse repeated this rearing up activity at least 4 times!  I was racing to get the camera off the seat as I watched this unfold through the windshield. So I finally aim the camera as he is raising up again and guess what I hear?  If you guessed the cameras self timer, you would be correct. It was still set from the night before and of course in the 5 seconds it took to turn it off there was another family member grabbing the reigns up front to walk him out onto the road and he never did it again. This shot taken a mile up the road was my attempt at consoling myself for missing such a great opportunity.

2 responses to “An Opportunity Missed

  1. This is a great shot of local life. Even if you missed the action.
    So many of your photos would make great puzzles, something I enjoy!

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