Your Tee Time Got Canceled!

These golf carts are encased in a fresh layer of new snow and will have to sit idle for a little while before spring begins to break Winter’s icy grip. I suppose you could play a round but finding your ball may be a little time consuming. That idea is about as stupid as the time I was invited to play in a one club tournament! That’s right, you pick one club to use for all your shots, including putting!  I picked a driver which turned out to be poor choice for every shot other than your first one.

13 responses to “Your Tee Time Got Canceled!

  1. Love the photo. My dad would have been out there digging out a cart, taking his orange balls and teeing off!

    I would have chosen my driver too! Glad to know that it’s not the best choice – in case I ever have to make this decision.

    Thanks for the smiles.

  2. It makes a nice photo but I’m surprised they let them out in the weather. The only golf we play is miniature golf! 🙂

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