Woodstock or Bust

The trip started out under sunny skies as we motored down the highway in our “summer of love” van, but the farther north we went the faster the weather started to deteriorate. We finally came to a complete stop after getting stuck in a freak winter storm. What really irked us was seeing Janis Joplin and Jimmy Hendrix pass us in a 4×4 with smoke pouring out all the windows and they never stopped! Actually what you are seeing is some strange phenomenon I came across two weeks ago. As I was driving I noticed a small mountain up ahead that appeared white so I headed there. I think it was maybe a mile or two from the bottom where it was completely normal looking and all of a sudden at a certain elevation the trees were coated with what appeared to be snow at first glance, but getting up close I realized it was Rime Ice. The trees all over this particular elevation were heavily coated like this.

4 responses to “Woodstock or Bust

  1. Well I just learned a lot about Rime ice, as well as other types of ice and frost! I had never heard of Rime ice before. You learn something new everyday. Must’ve been cool for you to see!
    PS, nice story at the beginning, ha ha!

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