Family Shoe Shopping Trip

Summer is winding down quickly so this Amish family decided to visit their local country store to take advantage of the annual shoe sale savings! Looks like everyone will be sporting new shoes. The big sister starts to load her brothers in the front while all the shoes get loaded in the ack

4 responses to “Family Shoe Shopping Trip

  1. Do they just wear the shoes only to school then? I see them in your photos around their homes while they are all barefoot, but it’s so interesting to me to see them even shopping out in town barefoot! Do the moms and dads have bare feet also? It doesn’t seem to be from poverty, right? Since from your photos I see that they often have very nice homes and huge barns, etc.
    Do they just prefer bare feet?

    • I am no expert, but when they are outside working in the fields, you will often see that. here at this shoe store there were numerous families barefoot, but an equal amount wearing shoes. I don’t think its set in stone, just preference. looking at my images from Sundays, the vast majority have dress shoes on as they walk to church. Did you see the video tribute I created in memory of Linda Stoltzfoos?

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