A Glorious Sunset

This Church is a new find for me and I really hope to get a beautiful winter sunset shot here. It is great in the sense it stands out from the sky behind it and the big old tree is a bonus. Hoping for a deep snow that does not get plowed right away. The sky on this evening was just perfect thanks to the clouds emanating out in all directions.


12 responses to “A Glorious Sunset

  1. Hi! I’ve followed your blog and enjoyed your photos for awhile, but this is my first comment…b/c I immediately recognized this church — Chestnut Level Presbyterian, which is near and dear to my heart…and your post was so timely, since I went to their “Christmas at the Level” event today, which featured artifacts upcycled from building materials salvaged/saved from their recent sanctuary upgrade/renovation…so I showed your photo to the pastor and a few church members and they were blown away! So I forwarded this post to the pastor, and he will be contacting you about possible use of your photo…I’m glad that you’re exploring the “Southern End”….it is GORGEOUS!! And now without the leaves on the trees, the vistas among all of the hills and valleys are FANTASTIC!!…hope you get a chance to get more photos from that area, and I look forward to seeing them, and enjoying your stories of obtaining them….and please continue with your Lititz (my adopted hometown) and “Northern End” views…BTW i discovered you and your blog from the Downtown Lititz/Venture Lititz internet presence.

    • Hi Dawn, I have another shot that’s pretty nice of the Church as well . I have that place high on my Winter shots list to attempt. If the parking lot gets a good 4 inches or more and no idiot drives on it before I get there, I think it has some real potential. This is a 45 minute drive from my house so I don’t head that way too often, but I did hit a couple back roads last time and yes it does appear to have good photo potential. I will post the other shot in the next day or two and it includes the cemetery fence and with snow I think I could do something cool. What I really would like is to have the sanctuary lit if I try a snow shot which would add a nice touch. Thanks for reaching out!

      • Mr. Reese, looking forward to seeing your other photo of this church! And, please contact the church about your other ideas for photos…I’m sure they would be willing to accommodate you, b/c as I mentioned, they were blown away by this photo, and I believe the pastor will be contacting you about possible use of your photo…i did forward him the whole blog post, so he should have your contact info….and yes, it’s a “hike” to the Southern End (I live in Lititz), but it is worth it every time!!

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