The Artistry of Iron

I often wonder how people a hundred years ago created things with such precision and only basic tools to make the item? I have always enjoyed the graceful flowing curves found in wrought iron fences, gates etc and this one at the entrance to a cemetery looked gorgeous with the autumn color behind it and the sun peaking through. If only you could have seen the position I was in to capture this, because there is literally a tree the same size as the one shown behind me and I am jammed up against it sitting on my legs two feet from the fence. I used my widest angle lens to barely fit the two swirling shapes. After five minutes in that position I could barely stand up reminding me how much of an old geezer I am becoming. As I was ready to finish up I got the brilliant idea to close the gate for another view! Only problem was the gate on both sides had long ago been encapsulated into the base of the trees and it’s days of closing were long passed.

4 responses to “The Artistry of Iron

  1. Thank you again for your lovely photo. To paraphrase Picasso, your photographs wash away the dust of every-day life. Allan Garber

  2. You might be interested to know that I had a friend whose son restores and creates new wrought iron fences, gates, etc. for people. He bought a business in Minneapolis and created a niche type of business from that root. He’s been very successful. A house across the street from me, a mansion actually, put in the most unique wrought iron fences, gates, accent pieces. I always wonder if they used Arthur’s company.

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