Mother’s Day Flowers

This image is one I captured at an Amish roadside flower stand right here in Lancaster County. What you are looking at is a small wagon full of Mother’s day flowers and was shot with a wide angle to fill the foreground with color. The flowering trees and red barn helped to round out the composition. The one thing that puzzled me was when the mother came out to ask if I got a nice picture? She then proceeds to say my name and she actually remembered it from 15 years ago when I had shot tulips here!

5 responses to “Mother’s Day Flowers

  1. That is simply beautiful!!
    What a lovely, summery photo!
    And the bright green grass is such a great backdrop for the all varied splashes of color! Thank you for this Mother’s Day treat!!
    (and I think it’s really neat that the mother remembered your name after all these years! I hope it speaks to you how beautiful and memorable your work is, and how much people appreciate what you do!

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