Summer Calm

This lovely farm and the daylilies that border the fence made a serene combination for this summer evening photo. I was also highly frustrated by the two horses who kept coming up to the fence blocking my view of the barns. They would stand with their back ends in my shot but not their heads. Every time the camera fired they would either become very attentive or just take off in a mad dash. I did miss a great silhouette shot of the one horse kicking his rear feet out to tell the other one to back off. I tried my best to horse whisper them into a good position but this is as close as I got.


7 responses to “Summer Calm

  1. I saw you taking a long time taking photos. Now I understand why it took so long to get it just right! The horses simply didn’t cooperate! Thank you for your patience.

  2. I love this picture. But like you, fall is my favorite season before it gets cold, and the leaves are changing colors the days are cool but not cold and you can sit outside and enjoy the breeze. I hope you are enjoying your fall before it gets so cold up there in the north. Katy

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