All Aboard!

This image features what used to be a trolley/train station in a nearby town and it now is home to the local economic development team. It has a lovely courtyard on the opposite side which serves as a location for community based events to take place. The drizzly morning was just dark enough to allow the lighting to still register as autumn leaves frame the scene. Maybe a mug of warm apple cider or hot chocolate awaits your arrival inside helping to take the chill off and allow you a few moments to express gratitude for the beauty of the changing seasons!


10 responses to “All Aboard!

  1. Beautiful Don, I love your patience if it was drizzling rain to take the time to get the shot just right. I did that a few weeks ago there is a barn which is getting ready to fall down I took the original shot 4 years ago when I first moved to Oklahoma and then I have finally managed to get a follow up shot a few weeks ago no rain in the forecast or anything else and I had finally found a great place to take my shot and it started to rain and by the time I got just what I wanted and got in the car I was very wet but I got the shot.
    You have a great Thanksgiving, Don and thank you for sharing your wonderful shots with us.

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