Fox Meadow Farm

This small patch of color caught my attention as it provided a nice foreground for the red barn in the distance. This farm family started an ice cream business just up the road which has been wildly successful. Tasty sandwiches and delicious ice cream insure there is rarely an open seat.


15 responses to “Fox Meadow Farm

  1. you get the neatest shots… I live within 2 miles of there and never saw that view! Thanks- you have a special gift and thanks for sharing it!

    • Thanks, sometimes just being there at the right moment makes all the difference. I have countless images that are amazing in that moment but half the time that same location might not even draw my attention at all.

  2. I love everything that’s in this photo – the sky with clouds, the mountains in the background, the farm buildings, the trees. I enjoy seeing all the textures and colors together.

    Thanks as always for posting your beautiful photos.

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