Dirt Road Gold

Well we are coming down the home stretch in my fall foliage feast for the eyes and this image was one I stumbled upon as I made my way along a short dirt country road. When I rounded the bend and this scene unfolded before me I had a feeling of being on one of my New England adventures from the past.The framing was perfect, the color was awesome and the small farm seems to to be saying “welcome home”! I did feel like I hit gold when I first saw this shot.


17 responses to “Dirt Road Gold

    This doesn’t look like Lanc Co, maybe 2 hours West.
    This is incredible and the barns looks well cared for!!
    I’m holding my breath if this one is going to be outdone….. = )

  2. Thank you. Sometimes the job allows that. But importance is all relative. They just happen to be in the news for a moment or two. Sometimes one might wish it were less. But work wise I feel blessed. Happy Thanksgiving.

    • I had two opportunities to cover Presidential visits, Reagan and Bush Sr. I will never forget Using my personal camera bag to carry my equipment and just before I left home to attend I remembered I carried a large hunting knife in there. Boy was that a close call, because when I got there the secret service went over every inch of my bag, lenses etc! I would still be locked away somewhere!

  3. beautiful love the colors. I want to wish you a great Thanksgiving. I am very thankful this year for a lot of things but the main one is that I can see all your awesome pictures and my daughter is finally walked down the aisle to her wonderful hubby and they are both really happy. No more wedding work for neither of us. Katy

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