The Mighty Gingko

Well this is the winning image from my second series of fall photos. There are a lot of beautiful trees to be found in the fall, but the vivid yellow Gingko is one that is hard to beat. I was basically shooting into the sun so I chose to set up using the tree branches to block the sun and within a minute the sun moved just where I planned it would so you could just see it between those two large branches. Any other way and there would have been terrible flare which would just destroy all the detail in this scene


7 responses to “The Mighty Gingko

  1. My favorite tree. I was told in college that it is the earliest of trees in the history of the world. Don’t know if that is true or even if memory serves me correctly. It was 1963 in botany class. Do I see some falling yellow leaves in your shot or are my eyes failing as well?

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