Victorian Grandeur

Well I kind of ran into a wall posting my Christmas photos on time. All I can say is my old nemesis depression showed up and left me with a combination state of sad, miserable and weary of the world essentially, so anyone dealing with the same thing know you are not alone! This old Victorian was a bright spot for me as the year drew to a close. I do have a shot from the week before that I will share in the next week or so as well.

I left home 12 miles away in the rain which is why I headed here in the first place to get a reflection, but when I arrived I was greeted with the remnants of a light snow that had yet to be shoveled from the sidewalk! I could not find a parking place so I asked the owner if there was any chance I could park in his large driveway? He said no problem, which I needed because the light was dropping fast. I set up and waited for the light to balance out and I began shooting. One technique I have found to help get the results I want is to hit the subject with a bright burst of flash and in turn you get a more detailed reflection in the road that appears. Almost everything reflected in the road to the left of the round corner turret with the green lights is thanks to adding light to the house. Hope everyone has a wonderful 2023! Oh and the sidewalk crew showed up just as I finished so I was grateful for that!


9 responses to “Victorian Grandeur

  1. Gorgeous place! Victorian is my favorite and this one decked for Christmas and with the dampness in the air is lovely!

  2. Just beautiful !! and the snow adds to it. This grand house makes that pretty yellow house look small.
    Thanks for sharing and best wishes for a good year!!

  3. Love this gorgeous photo. I was so excited on New Year’s Day when I put up my new ENB calendar & was reminded that I would be able to enjoy your beautiful artistry throughout 2023. Please know that you warm many hearts and are loved.

  4. Donald. Your images are and always have been very good. I like them. Yha know that there is lot’s of help out there for that ole’ nemesis, depression. Wish I could help you out.

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