Victorian Grandeur2

This is the first image I did of this Victorian masterpiece and if you look closely you can see the shadow of the ornate iron fence revealed on the roadway in front. That shadow is the result of multiple attempts with my flash to backlight the fence and cast that shadow. I finally got the right flash height to reveal the rounded design detail of the fence on the road!


7 responses to “Victorian Grandeur2

  1. Interesting detail about the fence image on the roadway. Beautiful home and photo.
    Thanks, as always, for posting your wonderful pictures.
    I come from Long Island, where there were two wonderful art museums on the North Shore that I could get to easily. Their exhibits regularly changed, and I loved going there and viewing the art. I find art really lacking in Lancaster County. Galleries are not the same as museums. The two museums that I am aware of in Lancaster City are very small and limited. The Quilt Museum of several years ago was a wonderful place, but it closed down for lack of funding.
    Your photographs add to the art culture of Lancaster County. Thank you very much for the enjoyment they bring.

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