The Doll Maker

For those who follow me here, and are not very familiar with me, nature and scenic photography is what most people know me for, so it is somewhat ironic that I post so many images other than that style here. I have found myself sharing things that I don’t always share in public, and I like to mix things up to keep folks interested. This shot from a local doll maker was done using a lensbaby,which creates a very specific plane of focus,depending on how you articulate the front elements. For me it was more frustrating than fun using it, so after the initial few days of trying it, it is now collecting dust. There are some neat shots on the lensbaby site, but I personally lost interest in it pretty quickly. This effect is exactly what the lens did and was not blurred after the fact. I thought this subject was a good choice to test this device out on, and I like the result on this image.


A Spot of Tea?

Hopefully those following my work will bear with me posting Christmas images after the fact. I hated to let them fade into oblivion without sharing them this year yet. The doll display is part of a Christmas Tree event done bi-annually at Historic Poole Forge in Lancaster County, Pa. A local Doll club does an outstanding job setting this scene up. I lit each doll separately to bring out details. The other shot is in a local town and features a tavern dating back to 1746. For those taking notes, I brought the Christmas decor from home that is hanging on the post and zip tied it to add a little extra to that area. The lamps are really green and I lit everything else. All I needed was a little snow, but this year is a real bust for snow so far. Another interesting bit of info is the fact the wreath was about 8 feet off the ground, so I used an 8 foot stepladder that I modified to accept a steel post, and that allows me to attach my camera and shoot things approaching 10 feet off the ground. I must use a laptop to fire the camera to avoid any movement on the ladder though.