Autumn’s Finest Show

For some reason this year has been a great time for me to find awesome fall foliage shots. I feel like I am in the ‘”zone” for finding pretty scenes such as the one above. I saw the color here when I was just up the road making a delivery and I ventured in to see if any nice compositions could be found. I drove through here last year and the color was good then, but this year it was like all the planets aligned and color was everywhere. This property is a Veterans Hospital and it seems like there are people watching your every move around the place. I tried to be as low key as possible as I meandered around this open area hoping to snap a few shots of the trees in all their glory. This locale was just loaded with trees all at peak color to the point I questioned whether I might be on one of my New England fall foliage trips?

The Relaxation Zone



This is my back yard fire pit and I would never have thought to shoot it till the leaves covered everything and looked nice. I should have waited till dark so I could have lit my tiki torches on the fence too,but I was a bit busy. I built everything  you see in the photo from the fence to the arbor in the corner with the gazing ball and the fire pit too. I lit the fire to have a flame,but later would have been more impressive. A few weeks ago I was sitting in the dark out here by the light of the fire and tiki torches and the flame was at least twice as high when something moving catches my eye. I turn my head and a skunk literally walked right between the chair and fire pit. I was about 6 feet from him and for whatever reason I decide to clap my hands to get him moving along. He spun directly toward me with his main weapon and the tail went up,but he cut me a break and did not fire. In hindsight,that was a stupid move.