Home for the Holidays



This is another wonderfully decorated room in the home of the flower shop owner featured in my post of December 17th. This room was full of tasty treats during the get together and the live rose arrangement on the table was what initially caught my eye. I was allowed to come back a day later when the food was removed and captured what I consider to be a very elegant setting. The use of picture frames,mirrors and various design elements form a cohesive layout that appeals to the eye. This is the result of dozens of flash exposures,both inside and outside and I even flashed the hanging lamp from the top,so you could see the design cut in the tin. Such a cozy setting is certainly a home for the holidays.

Valentine’s Day

Unfortunately I have never been known as a great romantic, and these roses were something that were sitting at work recently, so they provided an inexpensive opportunity for a photo. The chocolates were bought at a local retailer to round out the theme, and now I am addicted to the Lindt Lindor chocolate truffles shown on the table. Chocolate inside chocolate should be outlawed, but hopefully I can keep my intake to one or two a day.The metal heart shaped lid proved very tricky to light correctly, and so did the candy box interior. I heard on the radio that the average man spends 180 dollars on valentines day, which amazed me for some reason.