Dreams of Europe

Todays image features a small village in Pennsylvania that was created by a Husband and Wife, who enjoyed traveling throughout europe and wanted to re-create the beauty they had experienced there.As a landscape photographer, I have dreamt of visiting places like Prague,Paris, Vienna, among a long list of others.The architecture, antiquities and sheer beauty have always been beckoning me, but for now this is as close as I can get. This village has numerous homeowners who have quaint shops, and while the concept seems great, public support has not always been what was hoped for. Periodically I make a brief stop there to dream of european adventures that someday will hopefully come to fruition. This image was taken yesterday after a brief shower, and includes the large fountain within the main village courtyard. I used wireless flash triggered by radio poppers to sidelight the cobblestone and fountain details.

5 responses to “Dreams of Europe

  1. Another great image, Don. Could I impose on your good nature for a little more information on how you used the flash. Is this a multiple image shot, like your light painting technique? Thanks.

  2. No problem. Yes it was maybe 10-12 flash pops. a couple from each side of the various elements. The flash was skimmed across the features to bring out the details. Sometimes I use flash when I dont feel like waiting for total dark to use the spotlights. I mention radio poppers because they are reliable, unlike my nikon su800, and they work at distances close to a football field. I set a flash on my porch when I first got them and walked to the end on my block and they fired my unit every time. 169 bucks for sender and receiver. also, certain shots may be tough with flashlights because in this shot,the light posts came on and getting 10 second exposures that were dark was impossible.

  3. Donald,

    I love the photo and enjoy the commentary surrounding it. The photo taken after a fresh rain adds a very nice touch to the depth of color on the cobblestones and the fountain itself.

    I am thrilled to have connected with you again! I truly enjoy living through your artistic eyes and camera. It’s good to see you again, my friend! :o)


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