Classic Victorian

Just wanted to let anyone that might be following my blog to know that I do not just do light painting, so I felt I would share an image of what I consider to be a beautiful old Victorian home . It was shot with a Nikon camera that I had specifically modified to capture only the infrared spectrum. I used to use an expensive filter to do it, but that got to be a real nuisance because the filter was so dark, you had to remove it to focus on every new shot. The modified camera can almost be handheld,but I still insist on the tripod. I mention handheld because with the filter, you had daylight exposures in the 4 second range.

2 responses to “Classic Victorian

    • I sent it to life pixel in washington state. You can do your own camera if you are brave, which i did with my d70, but my friend did his and screwed it up,so it had to be sent anyway. check out their website for filter options and cost. I hated my d200 till i went infrared,and now i use it again.

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