Working Late Tonight

Todays image is one of several from my shoot at the machine shop yesterday. This place has so much history and character in every nook and cranny, that I become overwhelmed at times trying to decide which subject to shoot. I chose what I believe to be a drill press for a shot at dusk because it was positioned right at the windows where the sunset colored the evening sky outside. The patina of oil,dirt,metal shavings and everything else provided the perfect canvas to light paint. Lee who owns the shop graciously allowed myself and a friend several hours of uninterrupted shooting, which was really appreciated. I picked the title because we started shooting around 4pm and finished at 9pm, and a worker from the day shift was still running a mill in the back room to catch up on several jobs for clients as we were heading home to bed. You couldn’t ask for a more accommodating crew than the guys who help us shoot there.

11 responses to “Working Late Tonight

  1. Donald, I would bet the machine shop guys would proudly hang a print or two of your beautiful images of their shop. They might even view it differently when they see how lovely it is 🙂 ~Kyle

  2. Love these light painted photos of old tools and machines—–a great presentation made possible by your painting skills. Is the ambient light coming through the window from one exposure that you used as a base image?

    • Yes the windows were shot as the starting point,with everything inside almost a dark silhouette. after it went dark outside,Then I start using the flashlights. This was a tough one,because I was torn between trying to show the cool drawers and cart in the background and not distracting your eye from the machine.

  3. Thank you very much for the like on my blog……..I am in awe of you light painting…I’m new to the digital world and I’m embarassed to say did not even know such a thing existed…I’m following..reckon I’ll learn a thing or two

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