Look Out Below!

This image is one that came to mind when a friend called tonight to tell me the geese were starting to arrive in large numbers again in eastern Pennsylvania. For the last several years, tens of thousands of snow geese and tundra swans have made a stop at the Middle Creek Wildlife preserve in eastern Pennsylvania on their way north to the arctic tundra. Depending on the weather conditions, amount of open water on lakes, and other things I have no clue about, their numbers can soar to amazing amounts. The year I shot this photo, The snow geese population was estimated at near 180,000. This image was pure luck and there are so many layers of birds,it is hard to grasp the numbers in such a small image. I had a 44×66 print made of this which is unbelievable to see the birds in every foot of space. I was driving the park road and stopped briefly to get out to watch and an eagle flew over way up in the stratosphere, and because these birds go crazy when a predator is flying, they took to the air just as I started to focus, and I captured birds in every stage of land and air. The Middle Creek website currently lists snow geese at 35,000, and tundra swans at 2,500 and climbing. Early march is usually the peak, and if you are anywhere near eastern Pennsylvania, it would be worth your while to see this yearly spectacle of nature.The blue color in my image comes from a hillside in late day shade. My title is hopefully self-explanatory.

16 responses to “Look Out Below!

  1. Wonderfully huge flock, Donald. Imagine a hundred years and more ago when the sky would be filled like this for hours on end with the flock of Passenger Pigeons flying overhead. Just incredible numbers.

  2. every year I want to go see this incredible flock and always miss the peak of them,,,beautiful picture of a yearly phenomenon.

  3. I have seen the large print of this in George’s shop in Lititz and it truly is stunning. What an unbelievable number of geese——-air traffic control must have been really busy!!

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