Dawn on Lake Placid

This is the view from our motel backyard on our Lake Placid trip. I only knew it was there on our last day,so I set the chairs up, tied the canoes fast and set the oars in position the night before. I came out at dawn in the dark,set up my laptop,tripod and camera and started lighting the scene in the dark,and then recorded the lake and sky as the sun rose. I could easily get used to sitting in those chairs and the home out on the lake with the light on is a dream location to live.


10 responses to “Dawn on Lake Placid

    • Yea,there was a cottage right behind me on the property,and after the sun came up, the couple staying there came out to talk and said he thought it was lightning for a minute,but then he saw me doing light painting. Thankfully my flash is not more powerful.

  1. Wow!!! I want to sit on one of those adirondack (sp?) chairs and look at that lake with all the beautiful trees in the background! Nice.

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