Rainy Day Stroll


I was out shooting fall foliage the other day and decided it might be nice to show some folks enjoying the great outdoors. Just as I was contemplating what might make a nice image,it started to rain pretty hard and at that moment I noticed a dad and his three sons getting out of their car, so I gave them my umbrella and they took a little stroll among these colorful maples. The blue umbrella seemed to match the blue attire and made a nice contrast with the autumn colors. Heavy rains the night before had everything saturated and provided rich colors throughout.The rain subsided a short time later,so hopefully dad and the boys got some time to explore the woods while color  still abounds.

2 responses to “Rainy Day Stroll

  1. Don,
    I really like the commentary you provide with your appealing photos

    Just a week ago you caught an entire Amish family, scaning the skies, all in blue shirts, with the logical speculation that they were all cut from the same bolt of cloth.

    Now the same phenomenon–a father and his kids, all in blue and under a blue umbrella. This contrasted with the autumn colors surrounding them.

    You have wonderful eye for all the important stuff–color, composition, contrast.


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