Nature’s Dazzling Display

Fall is my favorite time of the year,and even though this years spectacle of color seems a bit lackluster,one can still find pockets of beauty if you look a bit. Despite the fact that I traveled thirteen hundred miles this month to see foliage,this scene was among my favorites and it was less than ten miles from home. If anyone wants suggestions on shooting foliage,I would say mix it up and try some tight shots like this using a telephoto to compress the scene and keep sky out of the shot. It wont be long till old man winter starts to blow and just between you and me,I hope its one of the snowiest and coldest winters.I just got four new snow tires on the truck and I am itching to get out and explore.

6 responses to “Nature’s Dazzling Display

  1. A very nice shot. Autumn is my favorite season too. I am fond of shots that show a line of trees like this or a road with trees on either side forming a canopy over the road. Debra

  2. Beautiful photo. Fall is my favorite season too. We often don’t get a lot of color out here – we have mostly pine trees. But this year seemed to have been one of the better years for color. It seems that people are planting more maples and other colorful trees in the parks and in their yards so at least we’re getting some color in town.

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