History Awaits


This image taken at dusk features the historic Ephrata Cloister. It is a National Historic Landmark and looks even more special in a fresh blanket of white. Snow came fast and hard during the day,but clearing skies in the evening provided a perfect backdrop.


8 responses to “History Awaits

  1. oh, this is so pretty! I don’t know how you manage to make such beautiful photos. I like the composition of your photos , but also the colors 🙂 Maybe you can share your secrets sometimes?

    • Thank you.People have always seemed to appreciate my compositions and to be honest,it just seems to be something I have been blessed to have.Never studied it or really think about it,it just happens.As far as the beautiful photos,I can only say each photo I choose to shoot gets all my attention till it ends up exactly as I envisioned it or experienced it when shooting it.I have either been blessed or cursed with perfectionism and I wouldnt have it any other way.

  2. Amazing! So beautiful! I found out too late you had taken the photo for the Cloisters Christmas card. Do you do that every year? I missed out on getting them but I did see something about it in the newspaper

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