Tragedy at the Preserve



This serene scene is located along a dirt road that is part of a state wildlife preserve in our area. Both myself and a good friend were snapping a few photos during the last week of december here during this snowstorm and tragically about four days later two young men murdered a young woman less than a half mile from this spot. They knew her and for reasons unknown they not only repeatedly stabbed her but poured gas on her and burned her too. Then to top it off,they came back at a later date and burned her again to hide any evidence. A very strange incident happened when we were here,as we were packing up,a vehicle passes and we start up the road behind them and as we crest a hill,the one guy is out of the vehicle throwing a live rooster into the woods and then they take off. It was the most bazaar thing but since it was days before,we figured it had no relation to the crime.