Were You Invited?



This is a rather cool sculpture featuring one of Seward Johnson’s many works at Grounds For Sculpture.below is a paragraph from their website about the work.I added some more interest by using my nitecor flashlight to reveal the details.

Seward Johnson’s ‘Were You Invited?’ is inspired by French Impressionist Pierre Auguste Renoir’s nineteenth-century masterpiece, ‘The Luncheon of the Boating Party’. In this specially designed and landscaped environment, viewers can actually step into the scene and mingle with the diners. In addition to the members of the Impressionist’s boating party are four figures seated around another table at the far end of the tableau. Joined in convivial conversation are realistic representations of sculptor Johnson himself with artists Bill Barrett, Red Grooms, and Andrzej Pitynski. A dashing character in period costume brandishes his cane and addresses those at the table asking, “Were you invited?” Phillip Bruno, collector and art gallery director, posed for this gentleman keeping out the party crashers. Since 1994, Johnson has been creating lifesized three-dimensional works based on well-known paintings that, as Johnson has said, “allow an intimacy with the paintings that the paintings don’t allow themselves.”


4 responses to “Were You Invited?

  1. Don,

    This is so cool! Is it lifesize? I love how you çan ( had to add a circonflex in honor ofnRenoir, one if my favorite impressionists) see the details b/c of the technique you used. Where is this sculpture?


    • Yes it is lifesize and one of hundreds you can see at -Grounds For Sculpture- in hamilton,new jersey.you roam the grounds,almost like a treasure hunt because you never know what is around the corner or in the woods.

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