Space,Conquer or Die-Swiatowid


Dont ask me what the sculptures title means but this is one of many interesting displays at Grounds for Sculpture in Trenton New Jersey.It is 36 feet tall and weighs 7 tons.This place is an amazing place with unique art around every nook and cranny.

4 responses to “Space,Conquer or Die-Swiatowid

  1. It’s sculpture of the old-Slavic god Światowid (in English often spelled: Svetovid), who is portrayed with four faces looking in four directions (name comes from the words świat-world and widzieć-to see). According to the sculptor, Andrzej Pityński, the message is mostly about survival, that was coming with conquering the space, historically speaking. The pagan Slavic religion perished during the medieval times and its worshippers were either slaughtered during the first european crusades (read for example about the Wendish Crusade), or were forced to change their faith or even culture (for example many were Germanised over time). The knight in front that you photographed carries the shield with white eagle – coat of arms of Poland.

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