Rail Trail Views

trail rail-trail-leaves

This is an old railroad bed behind my house that is being converted to a rail trail,and like I mentioned in the past,they are planning to fill it in to bring it to the level of the road behind were I am standing to shoot this. I put on my muck boots,headed into the swamp and tried to light paint the scene. The leaves were sitting in puddles that were at least 8 inches deep and I liked the way they were layered in there so I took a shot. My boots actually stuck fast twice and I literally walked right out of them in my socks into the muck. I think it’s a gem of natural beauty but elected officials have decided to fill it in ,so I am trying to document it so years from now when people want to see what we had and lost,there will be a record.


8 responses to “Rail Trail Views

    • My feelings exactly. the thing that really amazes me is that the pennsylvania dept of natural resources approved the grant for this.Does not seem they are protecting our natural resources does it?

    • Technically not a swamp but we had an inch of rain yesterday. they are doing drainage before adding dirt and yes we need some exotic creature to save the day. That or me hitting the lottery and saving the day,and neither will happen anytime soon.

  1. Trail would have been so much better with the full rail bed preserved. Thanks for preserving the image. Wish borough council would have appreciated the beauty depicted here.

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