Giving Thanks


This set of images were taken in the small town of Lititz,Pa in the area known as the Moravian Church Square. It is a gorgeous section of town that includes numerous old buildings and is  right along the main street. This year I spotted a dazzling yellow Ginko tree on a friday night and took a shot or two before it got dark.I called a friend to tell him he might want to check it out,and he did just that on the next day.I called him to ask if he got anything and he said all of the leaves were off,to which I laughed and said there is no way all the leaves fell off overnight. He insisted it was true so on Sunday morning I headed over at sunrise to see,and lo and behold  he was telling the truth. I was busy getting more photos in the pre-dawn light when the caretaker strolled by and said he was lighting the church and hoped that would not be a problem,to which I said go for it. The added illumination inside took the stunning scene to a whole other level in my opinion,and I was very thankful not only for the beauty before me but the ability to appreciate it and capture it. I joked with the care taker about the leaves not being cleaned up because he is a very efficient worker and keeps the property well maintained and he said the parishioners love to walk down the golden path as they arrive for Sunday worship so he leaves them lay an extra day.

12 responses to “Giving Thanks

  1. The Ginko tree is known for losing all leaves the morning after the first killing frost.
    Many years ago, Lancaster planted Ginko trees along a street with the idea that the Street Department could clean up all of the leaves at one time. Unfortunately, they turned out to be the female trees which have a seed which is very smelly when crushed by vehicle tires. Trees removed.

    I have a Ginko in my yard and most all leaves come down on the same morning. The sex of a Ginko cannot be determined until they are 8 to 10 feet tall. Mine turned out to be a female, but, the beauty is worth it. The seeds are usually gone by the time spring mowing begins.

  2. Thank you for photos and interesting story and yes, Ginkos do lose their leaves all at once. Plus they are the oldest tree on earth.

  3. Once again, great pics! I must share w/ friends. Also very informative! Would luv to see them along our trail, just so they don’t fall in my yard…(lol) Hope you had Happy Thanksgiving!

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