Streets of Gold


This rainy evening found me photographing shops in Lititz and to say it was a little frustrating shooting in a constant downpour is an understatement. I started shooting across the street under the overhang because I wanted to stay dry and also capture the Tomato Pie restaurant window display,and as I was finishing that shot,I wandered out into the street and saw this amazing reflection and just had to try and record it. Now there are a few things to understand and one of them is the fact that this is a busy main road and its rush hour,and my exposure times were anywhere from 8 seconds to 20 seconds. The cars were lined up in both directions and were non stop so imagine trying to find eight solid seconds of no traffic passing. Well I had exactly four shots out of about forty that were car free and thank goodness I had the shot captured and the fact that I had to stand there with an umbrella for almost 45 minutes to get this is a testament to either my dedication or stupidity.

Something that happened while I was shooting this caught my eye and it was a pickup truck that stopped in the alley beside the building and I noticed the driver got out in a hurry and seemed like he was after something. I quickly saw he was actually trying to save a duck that was trying in vain to get across the busy road and this man actually stopped traffic in both directions and guided the creature across the road to the park. this lucky duck almost got hit three different times till the guy stopped the cars and got him on his way,to which I yelled nice job.