A Victorian Christmas


Todays image comes thanks to the trusting folks who own this home and their willingness to let me shoot it. I went to this location because the homes exterior was included on a Christmas light trolley tour but when I got there it was loaded with cars all over the place so I had to go to plan b. I went to school eons ago with the owner and he invited me in to chat a bit,and while inside he showed me this parlor room. My creative juices immediately started flowing and I said I would love to shoot this sometime and oh by the way,how about right now? He said they were going out for supper but maybe in an hour I could try,but I mentioned I needed the window light to show before nightfall and he said well you can stay and we will leave. So while they were out,I captured this image.

A few interesting tidbits include the painting in the right corner of Santa Claus is something the owners mother painted and I added that to the shot on the easel,and when I started this shot,there was a music box on the table but it was hard to tell what is was so when the owner returned, I mentioned that I wished there was something more interesting on the table and he said he had this neat old german clock and a photo of his parents as well that might work.Those two items look much better than the original box,and normally I would not try to change anything mid-shoot,but this worked perfectly.

The place takes you back in time to an era of great pride in workmanship and just looking around the room you see neat things like the music box,the old pump organ,grandfather clock and so on. Thanks to the trust and willingness to let me have some fun,I got this neat photo taken from the pages of the past.

Christmas Eve Memories


I was out last night for a bit and photographed this tree in the park in Lititz,Pa. the fog made for an atmospheric treat and by using my flashlight behind the tree,I was able to get these nice rays of light shining out. The town is so appealing¬†and while I was shooting this in the still of the night, suddenly from the town square came the “Little Drummer Boy” playing on the speakers echoing throughout the landscape. Another example of one of many¬†neat things that makes this place so special.