Reflecting on Winter


This less than spectacular shot was taken on my way home the other night and the wet road reflecting the color in the sky is what caught my eye at first.As I climbed out of my truck,I heard a buggy coming and figured I would silhouette him in the bright section of the road.The setting sun was still shining on the barn,which contrasted with the cold snow.This has been a rather cold winter with the average temperature for february being 9 degrees but I still would have liked to see more significant snow storms for photos. My hope is the extreme cold somehow killed all the stink bugs waiting in my shed but from what I have read they are pretty good at surviving bitter cold.


8 responses to “Reflecting on Winter

  1. What seems less than spectacular to you might be perfection to someone else. There is always something that could be sharper, a sky that could be brighter, clouds that aren’t in the exact part of the frame you want them to be, etc.

    I’ve found that after all is said and done being there and making that image is the highlight, the rest is an anti climax.

    This image is perfect in many ways, among them the imperfections you may see.

    Thank you for more inspiration and food for thought. I will see you at the meetings for Obsessive-Compulsive Photography Disorder.


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