End of the Ice Age


I was lucky enough to get permission to shoot some photos on this amazing property that has lots of lamp posts.old buildings and a great layout and I will be sharing several in the days ahead. I decided on my title after going here for a second day and being very disappointed when I got there at sunrise only to find all the icicles were no longer hanging like they were the day before. I went on saturday to photograph here and saw this view after the sun came up,so thankfully I captured it or I would be very upset. We have had bitter cold for weeks and these must have slowly been forming for a while,but yesterdays warm up must have caused them to fall because they were all neatly piercing the snow on the ground sunday as I stood in shock at their demise.

Sometimes I see photos and then think about them afterwards and this shot had me wondering what I could do with it using my light painting technique before dawn but that will be for my imagination I guess. If someone had bet me they would be gone in a day,I would have taken that bet. I did a similar shot sunday morning at daybreak with the lampposts glowing and that should be a winner I hope. Now that we got a good snow I am ready to welcome spring with open arms and the coming week is supposed to average around 40 degrees,so the snow will be fading fast.

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