Click then Face plant



This is one of the first shots I took after the snowstorm ended last week. This is a pretty busy road so I hand-held this to avoid getting run over.There is a beautiful old home on my left and an equally gorgeous barn behind me on the right and the road divides the two parts of the property. The red barn on the right is part of the property but the one in the distance is not.My title describes my experience here as I finished shooting this shot,I turned and started walking along the barns fence and did not realize there was a large trough buried in the snow,and it tripped me sending me face forward with camera in hand into two feet of snow.The camera was completely encased in snow and the lens hood had 5 inches of snow packed in it. thank goodness I had a filter protecting the front element on the lens.

16 responses to “Click then Face plant

  1. Oh Donald. Thank you. It’s beautiful. And I bet it’s not going to teach you a lesson. How intimate your relationship with nature has become. I feel best outside but can’t figure out how to stay out very long. I admire you and as you know enjoy your work.

  2. Neither rain nor snow nor buried trough, keeps this guy from sharing his beauty w/ us!! TY Don… ( I found that farm the other day, btw.)

  3. what amazing work you do!! just beautiful, glad you are ok..that’s the beauty of pure white snow, it covers up all the junk and imperfections on our landscapes!

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