Check Your Watch


I went out the other weekend looking for snow images and ended up in Amish country.I decided to set up on this hill because the sidelight was nice on the plowed snow and the farms were lit nicely. Amish usually head to church between 8am and 845 and since I was setup at 750,I figured I had a good hour plus to get lucky and have a buggy go by.After sitting about 25 minutes,I decided to call home and check in but as my phone came on I noticed it said it was 915.Suddenly I realized it was daylight savings time and all the buggies had long passed by here. I sat in disgust thinking you can pack up when I hear a lone buggy coming, and much to my surprise he heads to the farm at the bottom of this hill. I have very rarely seen them out that late but maybe he forgot to change his clock too,but either way it completed the composition I was after.If you noticed the snowball on the road,that is my marker so I know when the subject gets to that point they will be in my frame and I can hit the remote to start snapping.


8 responses to “Check Your Watch

  1. I’ve been enjoying your photos ever since you had taken a photo of the Smithton Inn and Rebecca had put it on Facebook. \\Concerning your comments below – I do not think that the Amish observe Daylight Saving time – so you were OK with your time.

    Ruth Harnish

    Flowers & Thyme Bed and Breakfast


    • Since my camera is outside the car and I cant look through the viewfinder,I need a little marker to know when to fire,plus there is always a slight delay from hitting the button till it fires.I could use live view on my tablet and camera but there is a lag on that too.

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