Scenic Gorge Alpine Chalet



This is my second gnome house creation that I built and placed on the hill behind our house.We have a rail trail behind our place and the people just love seeing the imaginary little world I have created for their viewing pleasure while on their walk or bike ride.This took me two weekends to construct and features a water wheel on the side,a rope bridge which leads to the tree and there are two gnomes sitting on a deck that I have called the Matterhorn observation deck.It measures about 4 feet tall and in the middle is a gnome diving off the bridge. I am now starting to plan a hobbit hole going into the hill to finish the area. I was on the trail looking it over the other day and a child that was 3 or 4 yrs old stops and blurts out,this is just beautiful.It kind of amazed me that a kid that little could not only appreciate the work but express it so eloquently. The sign reads scenic gorge alpine chalet.

14 responses to “Scenic Gorge Alpine Chalet

  1. Love this.. Love gnomes! I have 8 to 10 inch garden gnomes that I’d be happy to donate to your cause if interested. They do need to be freshened up w/ paint, mostly on hats. TY for sharing your art w/ us!

    • Thanks,I dont want to go crazy but will keep your offer in mind if the need arises.I used to work at a big ceramic shop making molds and such and I remember we had some large gnomes back in the day.

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