Scenic Gorge Alpine Chalet



This is my second gnome house creation that I built and placed on the hill behind our house.We have a rail trail behind our place and the people just love seeing the imaginary little world I have created for their viewing pleasure while on their walk or bike ride.This took me two weekends to construct and features a water wheel on the side,a rope bridge which leads to the tree and there are two gnomes sitting on a deck that I have called the Matterhorn observation deck.It measures about 4 feet tall and in the middle is a gnome diving off the bridge. I am now starting to plan a hobbit hole going into the hill to finish the area. I was on the trail looking it over the other day and a child that was 3 or 4 yrs old stops and blurts out,this is just beautiful.It kind of amazed me that a kid that little could not only appreciate the work but express it so eloquently. The sign reads scenic gorge alpine chalet.