Warm Porch,Cool Home


This inviting Victorian Home sits on the corner in a small rural town, and because the road is literally right behind me, it is a real challenge to shoot. I decided the fall foliage would make a nice accent and the owners were very agreeable to let me do a shot but for some reason things were not flowing smoothly this night. I arrived before dusk and as I started to prepare,I realized my tablet was sitting at home and without that,doing light painting is a real challenge logistically, so I rushed home to get it. I got back in time to get a base exposure and after twenty minutes of shooting,I noticed my tablet had changed my quality setting from raw to jpeg, which is a disaster,so I changed that and tried to redo what I could to get the shot. All in all it worked out,but I get frustrated when the equipment throws a wrench in things. The owners have a neat old barn out back with lights in the cupolas that I hope to capture this winter maybe. I like when the lights are on inside and the windows upstairs in the front were dark for practically the entire shoot and all of a sudden someone went upstairs and for about a minute they were on and I quickly captured them and I think they really add to the shot and the same goes for the little shed on the right and for that I simply blasted my flash into the inside to light it up..

2 responses to “Warm Porch,Cool Home

  1. Donald, Thank you for a wonderful shot of this wonderful 1850 house. You captured this so beautifully and you are welcome back anytime.
    neal and tammy martin

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