Worth the Effort


This Christmas window was taken in the small town of Marietta,Pa.  I headed over to look for scenes because they had a home tour last weekend and I came across this business adorned in fine decor.Music was emanating from the entrance the entire time I was shooting this,making for a nostalgic shoot. The folks who decorated this put their heart into it and it was worth all the effort in my opinion.

2 responses to “Worth the Effort

  1. Donald, Thank you for featuring my office on your website. This was the 50th Anniversary of the Marietta Candlelight Tour. My wife, sister-in-law, daughter, and niece decided to go all out in decorating. It WAS worth the effort, as they were awarded the Blue Ribbon in the business category.

    • Bob,my pleasure. the windows were a challenge,especially since I do these shots beginning in the daylight,but since I chose your neighbors property to shoot first,it was already dark when I started,so it limited my result somewhat.Loved the music and could not figure out where it was coming from at first,but it filled the street.What a lovely job the whole crew did and congrats.

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